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How Intellect Can Help In Structured Product

Structured products are pre-packaged investments that normally include assets linked to interest plus one or more derivatives.

Investing in structured products will help an investor to get a return linked to equity without the risk of principal investment. It also provides capital protection to the investor, access to new markets, and help with cash flow and tax planning.

An investor might be unaware of the new markets that are available to them and the underlying risks of investing in the particular market. Intellect offers services in the distribution of a variety of structured products with unique risk to rewards equations that help meet financial objectives. These offerings are customized to suit individual investment objectives and risk appetite.

How Intellect Can Help In Structured Product
  • Professional team to advise clients on the best structure based on their risk profile
  • Recommendations made to clients' only after detailed analysis of the product
  • Access to all major Structured Products available in market
  • Principal protection
  • Return linked to Equity without risk on principal
  • Flexible structure customized to suit the tenure and risk-reward profile
For more information on Intellect’s Structured Product services, contact:

Mumbai: Mr. Ashok Singh

ashoksingh@intellectmoney.com | +022 4976 6891 / +91 9892029997

Mumbai: Mr. Shubham Thakur

shubhamthakur@intellectmoney.com | +022 4976 6895 / +91 8454985073