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Mutual Funds Investments & Distribution

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from multiple investors and invests the pool into short-term debts, stocks and bonds.

Investing in mutual funds provides liquidity to the investor as well as the flexibility to invest in smaller amounts. There is also a diversification of risk as investing in mutual funds is advantageous than investing in stocks directly. Mutual funds also have a wide array of investment modes such as lump sum, systematic investment plans, switches from one scheme to the other, systematic withdrawal plans, etc. But...
Even though investing in mutual funds is simple, the paperwork can be very cumbersome. Also, an investor may not be well-versed with the market trends as it requires constant monitoring.

How Intellect Can Help In Mutual Funds
  • Unbiased and regular professional advice based on individual needs.
  • Fund allocation aimed at optimizing returns for individual investment time horizon
  • Regular and stringent monitoring of portfolios
  • Empanelled with all leading AMCs
  • Recommendations backed by thorough research.
  • Monthly updates on Mutual Fund holdings and portfolio reviews
For more information kindly contact:

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sah
dshah@intellectmoney.com| +033 4052 9206