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ISBL takes pride in its more than a decade traditional standing and values in the Indian capital markets, and at the same time, it exhibits a young and dynamic emerging face, with a vision to achieve our mission of becoming a world-class global financial institution. -


ISBL has an active relationship with both local and global financial investors. ISBL takes pride in associating with almost all large domestic institutional investors. Also leading foreign institutional investors are served by ISBL actively.

ISBL is associated with leading industry associations and government ministries wherein we provide thought leadership and specific consulting assignments. The research department is associated with all the leading research media forums and service providers both at domestic and global levels. Our technology vendors provide various other associations which are helping us in creating the latest cutting-edge straight-through processing capability and access channels for all our customers. ISBL provides you with ample opportunities to nurture and grow these associations to strengthen our marquee presence in the Indian financial services sector.


ISBL offers a diverse range of functional areas, rich in content and ed growth and learning opportunities. - Opportunities are available in almost all financial services business areas, ranging from product structuring, trading, research, sales and marketing, service standards, systems and technology management, risk management, legal, compliance, and market operations. ISBL is currently expanding at a fast pace. You will get multiple avenues of growth, both lateral and vertical in this fast-expanding business arena. If you have the capability and are willing to go for it, then you can move to a leadership position in a very short time span. You may also get opportunities to work across group companies, and even be part of new business lines being set up at group level.


ISBL is an equal opportunity employer. The only and the surest way to move up the path in ISBL are through sheer performance, merit and continuous learning. At ISBL we believe in building value during good times and building knowledge during lean periods. ISBL rewards ambitious and go-getter attitudes. However, this happens strictly under the principle of teamwork. We work like a family with absolutely no political overtones in our corridors! There is a healthy camaraderie amongst our employees, working together in a team spirit. The moment you step in, you can feel the warmth and friendliness around you. Today we are proud to say that ISBLites have gone ahead to assume leadership roles and positions in several leading financial services companies in the industry and we continue to maintain a healthy relationship with every one of them. We emphasize to all that - with great responsibility comes great accountability and ownership. We take pride in ensuring that all our employees work with this understanding and management style.

What do we look for

We are constantly looking out for young, dynamic and experienced individuals who want to partner us in our vision to lead ISBL into the select band of top-notch throughout financial institutions in India. We are committed to hiring and nurturing the best talent in the industry. We understand the responsibilities that come along with it - developing, motivating and retaining the best people, and thus support you through-out your career and growth with ISBL We are looking for people with an appetite for hard work and success. The ability to work independently and scale up to lead teams in a short span of time are some of the important drivers that we look for in our teammates. You must be able to keep pace with the fast-changing economic and regulatory environment. Being part of a growing and evolving organization would bring huge challenges and you must be ready to handle them effectively and be the role model for all


At ISBL we may have openings available in almost all areas of financial services business, ranging from product structuring, trading, research, sales and marketing, service standards, systems and technology management, risk management, legal, compliance and market operations. We would like to keep your profile in our records for future suitable openings.


An experience of almost more than decade has taught us that sustainable wealth is not to be expected over a short period of time. Our experience of precise strategies for wealth creation has resulted in successful investors which further re-affirms our analysis. Because we can visualise the emergence of a new market order where disciplined investment is bound to steadily replace speculative transactions as the preferred method to create wealth. Serious investors are always on the lookout for trusted and unbiased advice. Over time, these advisory services provided on every nature and dimension of financial matter evolved into trusted relationships

Our business model is built around a few and simple levers.

Investment Philosophy

This is how we brought the A-game for our clients. With our investment philosophy, we were able to swiftly move ahead and deliver a simple yet enduring ethos of a disciplined investing approach. These are the principles that have stood us well and put to test through cycles of capital markets, enterprise creation and “emerging” investment philosophies, having consistently demonstrated their value and relevance.

▪ Do not risk 99% of investor wealth for a 1% fee.

▪ Sustainable value is created from a sustained investment outlook.

▪ Wealth creation requires a disciplined approach and patience.

▪ Over a longer period, “Wealthy” are investors and not traders!

Investment Risk-Protection

We put our customer’s security at the forefront! We measure our success, through value created for our customers. This is only possible through a rigorous risk management framework, that (again) puts customer’s risk and security at the center of all decisions. We believe in devising prudential norms for risk exposure and margin security, based on a mature view of customer segments and requirements. Such checks and controls, though appearing conservative, helps to minimize the potential negative impact on customers. Our research-driven insights are developed to help you buy value, not risk. This we aim to achieve through devising appropriate risk-toned investment strategies that help in value enhancement through well-managed risk. Overall and to the extent possible, our objective is to help you grow value, without eroding capital.

Superior Customer Experience

And this was only possible through consistent performance and results! We deploy methods and means that put customer’s objectives, expectations and convenience at the center of it all.


Our products, services and teams primarily focus on tasks and projects that improve our value proposition and effectiveness to our customers.

World-class technology platform

We have partnered with the best-in-class technology and communication services providers acclaimed globally for the quality of their offerings.

Service Delivery channels

We would be looking to deliver a cross-platform delivery capability to our customers that enhances our ability to create “touch-points” with them. This includes branches, digital platforms, and mobile channels.