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IPO and e-IPO Understanding IPO

Initial Public Offer is the process by which a company sells its shares to the public and thereby raises money for growth and expansion. It allows investors to buy the shares in the primary market. Once the stock gets listed on the exchange, shares can be bought through the secondary market. The growth of the company will surely lead to an increase in the price of the shares bought by the investors. Our in-house financial experts do a thorough research of the company and its future prospects thereby assisting you to take the right decision. So it’s a win-win situation for both the company and the investors. Investing in an IPO is made simpler and easier by our team of experts and technology.

Advantages & Strengths
  • A leading position in primary market distribution for Equity and Debt.
  • Access to ISBL's primary market research for IPO advice
  • Pre and Post issue live feedback
  • IPO funding facility for Retail and HNI'
  • Regular updates on ongoing and forthcoming issues to investors
  • Online IPO application service
  • Current & Forthcoming IPO''s
For more information on IPO services, contact:

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sah
dshah@intellectmoney.com| +033 4052 9206